My Ella-bella is turning 2...

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Wow. When I was first pregnant with Ella everyone told me that the time goes by so fast. We'll... everyone was right and it's true.

Where did my oh-so-tiny peanut go? The pink and sweet little bundle that depended on Jeremiah and me for everything? In its place is my independent big girl who wants to do everything herself and can count to ten, sing her abc's, dance like a butterfly,and knows all her colors and shapes...even an octagon!

She's just so cute now. So unbearably cute! Expressions roll across her face at lighting speed: interested, delighted, frustrated, amused, too fast for me to follow, even. New words and skills pop out everyday: "Did she just say that?" "Did she just do that?" How I want to hang on to this moment! Her smallness, her sweetness, the fresh smell of her skin and hair that I breathe in when she runs to me for "hugs".

My heart fills up with something I can't describe at those moments. What is it about being a parent? Your capacity for grief and pain expands at the same rate as your capacity for joy. It is agony. It is bliss.

Lord, I am just so thankful that you have given me this opportunity to be her Momma.

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Tasha Via said...

Ah, I loved it! What sweet memories.

mommajeane said...

We just watched again.... she has grown so fast and what a dear. Amazing how some of her expressions remind us of you Jenn.Makes me miss you guys even more.