I wrote a few weeks ago how I've been working my way through memorizing Philippians 2. It's coming along, except for one verse I keep getting stuck at:

"He made himself nothing."

I'm not stuck technically speaking.

In fact, as I process through this (which is what blogging is ever so helpful for me in doing...) I realize that maybe stuck isn't the right word.

I'm caught on?
I'm held up at?

No, no. None of those are right.

I'm overwhelmed by this verse.

Yes, that's it.

Overwhelmed. Undone.

So much of my life has been consumed with the pursuit of becoming something.
Much more than I ever even dare to admit to anyone, even myself.

But it's there.
It's true.

It's proven in my desire to be liked, to be thought highly of, to put that best foot forward, to feel that twinge of satisfaction at seeing those 137 likes.

And yet, here it is again:

"He made himself nothing."

Add insult to injury, preceding those words, I am told that "my attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus."

As I meditate on those words, my heart softens, changes.

Jesus wasn't nothing. He was, by his very nature, God. But this wasn't something to be grasped, something he fought to hang onto. He humbled himself. He made himself nothing.

Lord Jesus, forgive my pursuit of being something. 
Help me to embrace becoming nothing, 
for you are everything. 

The week has flown by and Jeremiah is getting on the plane as I write this to begin his flight home. 

We haven't gotten to talk much this week, but the little I've heard from him sounds like it has been a great week! I'm sure there will be more details to come as I learn more about this new partnership.

I got all these serious looking pictures of him with adults...and then this one =)
We've managed to stay busy and have some fun while he was gone, fitting in a few play dates, swimming days, and my first official I-think-my-child-might-have-broken-his-leg moment. 

Thankfully, it was just a moment, and not a reality. This time. 

Ella and Ellie, creating some kind of code or story.

Check out our newest beautiful niece, Elora Faith, born this week to Jeremiah's sister, Addie...

Be still, my beating ovaries.

Happy Thursday!

Confession time.

When Jeremiah is out of town/country, we do things, well...a little bit differently.

Cereal is a justifiable dinner choice.
You can sleep in Dad's spot.
And, well...bedtimes get re-arranged a bit.

I'm a much more fun Mom when he is gone.

I worry less about what has to get done and just sit down and watch that movie with them.
One more book? Sure!
Ohh, lets stay up late and watch American Ninja Warrior!
Yoga pants for days!
And really, who needs to wash/fix their hair every day?!

I think I actually accept that I can't do it all and I don't try.
I raise up the white flag and then give it a big hug.

I realize this might sound as though we are glad when Jeremiah is gone...but, au contraire, that is NOT the case. We would ALWAYS prefer Daddy be around. However, we love and support what he is doing and we have simply learned to make the best of the time while he is away.

And maybe, just a tiny bit of me is glad not to shave my legs.
Amidst, the flurry of packing and planning that was our weekend, we did manage to squeeze in some time to celebrate the #1 Dad in our lives. 

My kid's don't even know how good they have it with their crazy amazing Daddy. They just believe that every Dad is as involved, interested, engaged, playful, loving, leading, reading, and inclined to stick asparagus up their nose as their Dad is. What? Doesn't every Dad do that?!?!

They might not get the depth of the awesomeness of their Daddy just yet.

But, I know one day, they will.

(And he will humbly accept their gratitude in gift cards and steak dinners.) 

Kidding, kidding.

And he will humbly point them to their heavenly Father, who is infinitely more crazy amazing.

Cause that's just the kind of Dad he is.

**Pray for him as he flew out today to share Jesus and build a partnership with long term missionaries Mark and Meg Kuzdas in Costa Rica.**

So, you see...we were supposed to have been in Raleigh the last few days. Instead #ohEzra was visited by the stomach bug fairy. Since we are selfish and didn't want to share we canceled our trip. Bummer not to see the friends we were hoping to catch up with, but I won't lie, the extra few days to be home have been nice. Since we have, ya know, just a few things coming up on our radar...

2 days till Jeremiah leaves for La Finca, Costa Rica. He will be working with CLF missionaries Mark and Meg Kuzdas, who have been working in Costa Rica, Honduras, and Nicaragua for the past 12 years. 

14 days till we leave for our Summer in Haiti! I woke up this morning absolutely giddy with excitement. And then realized that I had a lot to do to get ready and only had one full day left with my hubby home with me to get them done. So then I made my list and spent the afternoon getting the bulk of our supplies together. Whew, that was close.

Unfortunately, my brain doesn't seem to be responding well to all this excitement. I went grocery shopping late one evening this past week and got home, walked inside, and went to bed...only to remember the next morning that all of my groceries were still inside the car. 

Frozen popsicles are really overrated.

Technically, Summer is three months.
However, for us this year, our Summer "break" is one month.
(The countdown for Haiti is on...15 days!)

And let me tell you, we have been cramming the fun into this blur of a month called June.
Just crammin' it in.
We are fitting an entire three months worth of Summer fun into one month.

That's just how we Hambrick's like to roll.

My apologies for the photo overload that is about to happen.

Not really. I know the real reason anyone comes to my blog anymore is to look at pictures of my cute kiddo's...

Camping weekend at Philpott Lake with good friends from NC.

Little Wesley wasn't so sure he was into the whole camping thing. Give him time...

Yeah, so I feel like this one needs some explanin' with it. We had an air mattress that we had patched to death and decided to donate it to the fun on the lake. Because nothing says redneck like wraslin' on an air mattress in the middle of a lake. 

Wesley did agree that the lake was pretty fun.

Playing with our favorite Hart friends before we enjoy the lake.

And that, folks, is how you do the first 17 days of June.