a girl and her ice-cream cone

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My life is madness at the moment and I am feeling spread way too thin. Whoever said that women can have it all is a liar. You can't. Something, or someone has to give. And the truth is, I know this. This is not new information. I have never attempted or even wanted to have it all. But sometimes life throws it all at you and bam, it's just sitting in your lap and your arms aren't big enough to keep something from slipping off.

And yet, in the midst of a season of learning a very valuable yet painful lesson on the dangers of saying yes too much...

the Lord is gracious to grant me moments with the most deliciously adorable four year old.

Who slows me down,
and makes me notice the beautifully simple details of bruised shins, painted toe-nails, and the pure enjoyment of eating an ice-cream cone on the front porch.

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