ketchup (and mustard...)

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Yeah, so I'll pretend it hasn't been so long since I last wrote and just give the cliff notes on the last month of life.

We've made it through the craziness known as end of school, end of co-op, end of soccer season, and sent Jeremiah back into Haiti yesterday. Deep breath (for me, not Jeremiah, ha!) for the next week or so...

I had a lot of help putting the garden in this year.

Shirts are optional for planting gardens, apparently.

Soccer season, 2016

Oh, Zooble...stop it with the growth spurts. Just stop it.

This trip Jeremiah gets to work at our favorite place in Haiti...with our favorite Have Faith Haiti kiddo's!!

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Erin Snyder said...

Look how little Ezra looks in that last picture. I think all of yours need to stop with the growth spurts. I feel ya on the end of school craziness! Enjoy summer break! :)