and (most of) the in between of Haiti

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 Before we head back to Haiti, I figured I better finish documenting the last trip.

Life just keeps truckin' on, doesn't it...

One of the best parts of this particular trip was having our good friend and missionary to Madagascar, Tim Norton, join with us for the week. I was amazed all week at how interested and attentive the Haitian people were to hear of a different country other than America. I'll admit, I was fascinated as well.
And very grateful that Tim likes to take photos: a ton of photo credit goes to him on this trip.

Our friend and neighbor, Alfonse.

Teaching the "three circles" at one of our kids camps.

We made some new friends on this trip, visiting a small, entirely Haitian run orphanage. When I asked the directors daughter why they had taken these children in, she simply stated, "My family loves Jesus and children." 

Another highlight was the opportunity to photograph the merging of a new family...friends and adoptive parents meeting their children for the first time. My favorite kind of photo shoot.

And, of course, seeing my cutie nieces is always a highlight of a trip to Haiti!!

Of course, there's more...there is always more. 
Haiti can never and will never box neatly into a photojournal or story. And that's okay.

Until the next time...

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