Photojournal: A Haiti Day, part one

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Jeremiah and I just returned from Haiti, again. 

This trip I made it a point to document a day that we traveled outside the city. Any day that you can get outside the noise and dust bowl known as Port-au-Prince is a good day in Haiti.

We traveled for a couple hours until we turned onto a side dirt road and followed it for a few more minutes. We finally pulled into the church "parking lot". We've been friends and partners with Pastor Anuel for years now and love his heart and vision for his community. This is his recent church plant building.

We were greeted by curious stares.

We didn't waste any time, as there was already a large crowd gathered inside, waiting for us, hungry for teaching and instruction and encouragement.

Pardon my mush for a moment: but I grew in my love and respect for my Jeremiah this trip. He's my favorite.

I made friends with a young Momma that morning and loved my time holding her sweet 1 month old little girl. 

Okay, maybe I loved my time with all the kiddo's.  I was trying to get this one to tell me her age =)

We had over 120 kids in attendance that morning.

Praying after our kids Bible study and before our meal together.

After our meal, we took the kiddo's outside to teach them the ultimate game of Death-ball. 
They caught on super fast. And we're amazingly competitive. Good thing we decided to play with beach balls and not volleyballs as there would have been some broken noses.

After our teaching and kids camp time had ended, Pastor Anuel insisted on a walk through the community.
And so, we set off...

Our team from Thaxton Baptist Church,
our good friend and IMB missionary to Madagascar, Tim Norton,
full time missionary in Haiti, Makayla Price,
Summer intern to Haiti, Taylor Jones.
Pastor Anuel,
and our friends and interpreters, Clark and Daniel.

We walked, and walked, and talked, and talked...and made new friends, prayed over needs, admired gardens, and got a beautiful gift of a glimpse into province life in this tiny community.

We stopped to pray and deliver medical supplies to this man with a badly mangled leg from a recent auto accident..and he prayed to receive the ultimate healing that afternoon as he asked to make Jesus the Lord of his life!

Part two, to come...
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