coming atchya'

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So, I had some major dental work done this week and Jeremiah (being the super smart hubby that he is) decided to make an impromptu 36 hour trip away with the kiddo's so that I could rest and recuperate. Yes, very smart hubby.

Being by myself has allowed me time to just introverts filling time, if you will.  I vacuumed the house the moment the kids left because the carpet lines would oh-so-fulfillingly stay for the next entire 36 hours. But then, no more "work." I've finally looked through and processed photo's from months ago. I've read. I sat on the porch and just soaked up the Autumn sunshine. And now, I'm doing that whole blogging thing that used to bring me such enjoyment but which has fallen to the wayside in the priorities of living.

Rather than try to nicely and neatly organize all these photos and catch you up slowly, I'm going to just throw it all out there. Coming at ya!

Haiti this Summer was wonderful. It was a vastly unique trip for us in that we didn't have any major project we focused on, but rather, we were entirely about the relationships the Lord has put into our lives... 


We enjoyed some quieter moments too..

This one is always about the creatures...rats, cockroaches, puppies, starfish, if it moves, she loves it.

And more time with our Haiti family...
Who needs toys when you have a whatever-that-thing-is?!

And time with the Price family, who have become like our family. We are so thankful for them.,,

Time with the grandparents is always a blessing.

And, because we like complete quick transitions to polar opposite lifestyles, we went from Haiti to our family vacation at Lake Anna. (Seriously, if anyone knows how to make all the transitions easier, I am all ears!)

Transitions aside, we had the best weather and the best time together...

Of course, Eli is our patient fisherman.

I love that 3 generations are working on this puzzle!

This dimpled cutie turned 9 on vacation week!

Enjoying some much needed r&r. He's a hard worker, this one.

Can we just pause for a moment to acknowledge that my baby doesn't look even remotely like a baby anymore.

Or, for that matter...NONE of my babies are remotely babies anymore. 
But they are becoming kinda amazing little, there's that.

 From Vacation the kids and I headed home to re-start school and life and Jeremiah headed back down to Haiti for a playground build at Quisqueya School. He returned home just in time to miss Hurricane Matthew. We are thankful that the House of Hope, Have Faith Haiti Mission, and all our friends and family in Port-au-Prince were relatively unharmed through the hurricane. Our friends in southwest Haiti didn't fare so well, and Jim and Debbie are there now assessing how we can best help.

And now, back to whatever "normal" is for us. School is in full swing, Jeremiah is stateside for a bit, and the Holidays are coming. We are embracing this Autumn season and all it has to offer and for today, I'm just incredibly thankful for this life we've been given. For this day to sit and reflect. And for carpet lines...gloriously in-tact carpet lines for an entire 36 hours.

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