Hello From Ethiopia

Hi all!

We are at the hilton this afternoon to confirm our flight and were able to buy 15 mins of internet time. All is good here. We are both good, no sickness. Jet lagged...but doing good. Chala-Eli is great! So laid back and easy going. Our first night together went pretty good...he coughed a lot, but woke up with smiles for us. We are going to try and get him looked at by the orphanage dr before coming home, as he is very congested and coughs a lot. He is so sweet. Everyone will love him. We already do =)

Our visa appt was this morning and everything went smooth for us at the embassy. Chala was a breeze and happy the whole time. We hope to meet with the birthmom tomorrow morning.

I was not able to get into my email or blogger account, so you can just use this to update my blog Jim - thanks! We miss the kids a lot and are ready to come home. We love you all!!!! Can't wait to see you!!

all our love,

Jenn and Jeremiah (and Chala-Eli!)


Kelly Via said...

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!

Jason and Charity Palmer said...

That is SO exciting!!! And he is most precious :) Very happy and thankful for you guys!

Briana said...

oh i'm so excited, i'm so excited, i'm so excited! (said in overly excited voice).

We've been praying a ton and will keep it up. Enjoy every minute.

love you

Dana said...

See....he knows he's got a good thing! Glad he's happy and receptive. Know you'll have a beautiful life together. :)
Hugs and kisses. Safe travels.

Billy & Megan said...

He has the cutest lil face! Praying for safe travels & Eli's health...

Becca Pollock-Berg said...

I'm so happy that everything went well. Eli is adorable! I'm very happy for you all!

Cameron and Megan said...

Sweet boy! Safe travels HOME!

Barry, Donna, and Tam said...

So handsome! How can you not fall in love with that smile! Congratulations!! We also live in NC! Durham:)))

BARB said...

So happy for you. He is adorable. Blessings.


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