candy can, can

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To Zoe they are not candy canes, they are candy cans, despite numerous admonishments from a very (very) exasperated big brother who likes things just so...ahem.

And so, this Christmas week, we (thank you Pinterest) held our 1st annual Candy Can Hunt. Forget Easter egg hunting, candy cans are where it's at.

Perhaps my favorite Pinterest idea to date: cheap, little to no forethought or planning (just remember to buy a pack of candy cans at the store) and no mess or clean up whatsoever.

How bout a few random photos of the baking that happened before the hunt began...

With a smile this cute, you can call them whatever you matter what your brother says!

I remember a day, not so long ago, when baking with the kids made me twitchy.
But today, they really are helpful...swiftly fly the years.

After all that baking (and eating) getting outside was necessary to run off some energy...

I was tasked with hiding the "easy" ones for Zoe.

And of course, Jeremiah was in charge of the the not-so-easy ones.

Group huddle to explain the rules. And photo op because they are all sitting together happily.

And then they were off...

Christmas memory making at it's finest!
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