one good year, UTWWK 2016 Ministry Update

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It is absolutely crazy to think we have been with UTWWK for two whole years. It seems like it was just yesterday we were staring into the New Year and the new job...and it was scarily uncertain. We knew what we had been called to and we knew who had called us to do it...but the details. Eh.

And, today...

As I think back and look through pictures of the past year ( I told you I get crazy sentimental this time of year!) I cannot help but want to shout of the faithfulness of our God. It's incredibly faith and life affirming to take the time and remember just what the Lord has done.

A completely too big of a job given to two willing yet incapable people. And yet, somehow and someway, the Lord chooses to allow us to walk with and work for Him...for one more year. 

As always, pictures tell a better story. Therefore, a walk down the memory lane of 2016 is in order. 

But first, like I always say, these pictures aren't stock photographs. 
They are filled with our friends, whose names we know and lives we are involved in. 
Everything we do and are involved in revolves around relationships.
Meeting needs and sharing Jesus. 
Training disciples who make disciples. 
And become friends.

We truly have the best job in the world.

If 2015 and 2016 were this good, I cannot wait to be a part of what the Lord has in store for 2017!

Thank you for praying for us, supporting us, and loving us.

Welcome 2017!

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