Adoption Update: Moving Right Along

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Things are moving forward with the adoption. We received news from our agency that our file was submitted to the Ethiopian court on March 4th. The next thing we hear will be our court date as soon as it is assigned. Yay for progress!

There has also been a very active rumor mill about the possibility of Ethiopia changing the way they handle the passing of court in the future, requiring adoptive parents to be present at the court hearing. As it stands now, we are able to do court by proxy and have a power of attorney representing us at court. This means that we don't have to travel until we go to pick our son up. If things change we might have to make two for court, and another to bring him home.

Honestly, I am not opposed to making two trips, as it would allow us to meet our son sooner...but the average price of airline tickets to Ethiopia are around $2,500 a piece, plus lodging and food cost...and that is a lot of money to be surprised with.

Good thing money is never an issue with God!

We also heard that all adoptions from the Oromia region in Ethiopia are on hold. When I read this I had a freak out moment, because, yes, our son is from the Oromia region. Our agency director told me that this is not affecting cases whose files have already been submitted to court or who have already passed court. We barely missed the cutoff by days. DAYS. Wow.

We have also decided on a name for our little guy (besides football Sally)...

There was quite the process that went into deciding on his name, so I'll have to write about that at a later time. Sorry to leave you hanging but I just don't have the time to give the full explanation right now. I know, evil of me. Just evil. I won't keep you hanging for long =)

So there you have it. File submitted to court. Name decided on.

Moving right along.
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Pam said...

So exciting! Praise God for all the fine details working out with the process of moving through court days before it was needed! He is so good!

You are so suspenseful with this blog---ha!! Can't wait to hear his sweet name!

Tasha Via said...

Can't wait to find out what to call the little guy=)

Yay! Isn't it amazing to be able to look back and say "Oh, God, that's why you did that"!? Looking forward to tomorrow!