Phrases To Strike From My Vocabulary

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In our Christian circles we have a lot of cliched phrases.

Here's one I've been thinking on a lot lately:

You are safest when you are in the center of God's will.

I've had the above phrase said to me before. I've said the above phrase to someone before.

The problem is it's just not true.

How safe was John the Baptist when he was beheaded?
How safe was Jim Elliot when he was murdered by the indian tribe he was a missionary to?
How safe was Paul when he was beaten and imprisoned?

Yeah. Not very.

Were they not doing God's will?


Why do we equivocate safety with a persons proximity to God's will?

I truly think that if we are living a life in the center of God's will there is bound to be risk and inevitably pain. The Lord has a history of calling his people to things that are full of risk and at the point of our greatest fear. What we feel most incapable of doing.

(Ask Moses on that one.)

Just because it isn't safe or comfortable doesn't mean he isn't calling us to do it.

Actually, I would go so far as to say that if it is safe or comfortable it probably isn't from Him.

So I ask myself what is my goal in life?


...or living a life in the fullness of His will, risks and all?

p.s. For the record I am not talking about risks just for the sake of taking risks, like me skydiving in the above picture =)
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Amen! Preach it sister :)

so true! we haven't met yet but i'm a fellow AAI adoptee (almost done with our dossier). i think the same thing often. especially right now as we decide whether to consider adopting out of birth order or to be open to siblings, rather than just 1 LO. i wanna live a risky life for God! since stumbling across your blog, i love to catch up on what's going on with you & will especially love hearing how things are going when your little boy comes home - so exciting!
~ Megan Clark, Charlotte

Amen! I think of how safe we were in the jungle, but know that was God's will! Thanks for giving me something to ponder! I have said that phrase many times, but never really thought about what I was saying implied!