Pie In The Sky

Jeremiah got the opportunity this past Sunday afternoon to go flying with his good friend Todd.

Todd is a pretty cool friend to have (especially for Jeremiah).

Not only does T-biscuit create incredible graphic designs for a living and play sweet guitar leads for the Elevation band but he also has his pilot's license.

They were able to fly directly over the farm!

I was enjoying a Sunday afternoon nap while this was going on so I missed actually seeing them for myself.

Thankfully they were able to snag an aerial view of the farm for me...

Pretty cool, huh.


mommajeane said...

That is really neat. I wonder if you have a Christmas present in the making... glad he got to go up again since he enjoyed the sky diving so much.

Deb H said...

totally cool!

Todd said...

Hey Jen! I finally got a blog of my own and wrote about the flight Jeremiah and I took, with more pix. Check it out!


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