the land of endless (thoughts on returning to America, 5 days in)

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I pride myself on my decisiveness.
I know what I like/want/think and can quickly and efficiently make my mind up and move on.

That is, until, this week.
And suddenly the endless choices at the Starbucks counter seem...endless.

Geesh, what has happened to me and my quick decision making skills?
And who thought that Caramel Flan was a good flavor direction to go in for Starbucks?

Why does there need to be 100 choices for shampoo?

Ezra told me in the airport coming through that "There is a lot of light skins here."

American public bathrooms seem like a spa to me.

And the quiet. Oh, the quiet. It is so loud in my ears. My ears are still literally ringing with it. Like right now, since I am up before everyone else and there is no white noise going...the silence is deafening.

Things seem so very easy here. If you need something, you just go to the store. If you want to use your washer/hairdryer/microwave you just do. And you don't think about electricity. At. All.

I still am not used to brushing my teeth with the sink water.

And don't get me started on the wonder of a dishwasher.

There are trash cans everywhere.

Kid-friendly is an understatement.

I can walk through target and feel blissfully unnoticed.

I'm pretty sure this is reverse culture shock and by the end of three weeks I won't even notice these things again...

But I hope not.

Ella is in her happy place seeing all her cousins and friends. She has not stopped smiling.

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