what day is it?

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Man, living out of a suitcase and traveling from place to place will disorient you a bit. Or a lot. I'm really not sure what today is, other than the fact that we did school today (yes, I traveled with school books...bleh.) and therefore I think it is a weekday.

We are having a blast.

And still somehow managing to be productive at times...getting taxes done and other necessary things.

And I did mention that we are having a blast, right?!

Zoe (and all the other little ones) love Aunt "Cake"

These two love riding along in their sin wagons.
I still stand by this post I wrote so long ago about the spawns of satan toys out there.

Cousins. Sweet sweet cousins. Less than a year separates these three and it has been so fun watching them play together.

Some of you may scream blasphemy from these next words: They are forecasting snow today and we are all hoping for a good storm! We have been living in the land of perpetual Summer and will be returning for more Summer in 1 short week and we are NOT over winter and snow yet. 

Bring on the snow!
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