Thursday Thoughts

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After a day delay for the ironically timed winter storm that dumped on NC, we are headed to America this morning!

For some reason I hear that Neil Diamond song playing in my head...

I also heard a John Denver song blaring out on our street this week.

Man, that brought back a lot of memories.

You fill up my senses...

I like listening to this one Creole radio station here. You can hear Celine Dion, Douggie Fresh, John Denver, and Haitian Kompa...all in the span of 10 minutes. And then you get to be shouted at in Espanol or French during the commercials. They don't make stations like that in America, friends.

The goodbyes to the kids at our mission were harder than I expected. Its just three weeks people, but for some reason I was having a harder time leaving them that I thought I would. I think we are all more attached than we realize.

Despite our delay in leaving Haiti, we did manage to have some fun while we waited out the winter storm going strong in the US. It might have involved jumping off a balcony into a pool...

For the record, that activity was neither condoned or approved of by the management of Our House of Hope. For. the. record. Ahem.

Well, its time to trade in the flip flops for the snow boots...

As we head to the land of target and starbucks and feet that stay clean all day long!

Happy Thursday!
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