It is finished. (and it is finished)

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I woke up yesterday in my usual Holy hangover that comes after all the fun of last weeks festivities. 

It really is the best week of the year...but, shew...I'm tired! Good thing I decided last minute scheduled in a Semi-Spring break for this week.

A look through the rest of our Holy week and Easter...

The foot washing after our passover meal. I love the way you can tell Zoe is hanging onto every word her Daddy is saying.

Egg dyeing. Also known as the night to drop and spill everything.
I made the kids take a picture before church...while it was still really cold out. I told them to suck it up and try not to look so cold. I think Zoe tried, she really did.

The three best looking boys I know!

So lovely.
We had some of our Via family up for Easter dinner and an egg hunt. Love these people.

Michaela didn't mind being put on the floor =)

Jeremiah giving out the "rules" for the egg hunt. Serious business.

Emma found the golden egg and was so proud!

Happy Easter everyone!
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