the Monday

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It's the Monday after a whirlwind weekend.

It's the Monday where my firstborn moves into the double-digits.
Which means its the Monday where I get all sentimental and look through the baby pictures and wonder what happened to the last decade? Where did my baby go?

I blinked...

It's the Monday where we throw our first ever friends-party for said 10 year old.
It's possibly the Monday where we throw our last ever friends-party. (Time will tell...)

It's the Monday where we look forward to an entire week's break from "school" for Thanksgiving.
It's the Monday where I realize there is only 4 more Mondays until Christmas!

It's gonna be the Monday where this cutie get lots of smoochie-smoochie-kisses, as she likes to call it...

And the Monday where I answer yes to the "Want to draw with me, Mom?!" questions from these three...

It's the Monday where I am going to pull out the Christmas decorations.

It's also the Monday where I've gotta clean the toilets and change the sheets on the bed...but the other stuff is way more fun to write about.

Happy Monday everyone!

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