1st trip of 2016, wishful thinking, and Ezra on appropriate Hawaiian dress, Drake, and signs of aging

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In just 2 days Jeremiah and I head to Haiti for our first trip of 2016!

I'm always excited to travel back to our other home, but this time I am especially excited because there is just so much going on that I can't wait to be a part of! We do so much behind the scenes work and scheduling and organizing and planning that it is super special for me when I actually get to be on the ground and get my hands dirty.

We have several teams we will be working with while we are there and there will be a playground being built at a partner orphanage, a pastor's conference, a spa day for the local missionary women, as well as time spent with our kiddo's at HFHM and other loved ones.

It's just Jeremiah and me this trip as the kids will be staying with my family up north. ALL of them were upset not to be included on this trip, but there is just so much going on in a little amount of time and so many people staying at the House of Hope that it couldn't work out this time for them to come. Next time...

The drawer full of hair bows in the kids bathroom is pretty much wishful thinking. Zoe won't let me anywhere near her hair anymore. Sigh.

Ezra: Since it's Hawaiian night at church on Sunday can I wear my Luke Skywalker costume?!!

Ezra (after to listening to a Drake song): He's not really a professional. He just sounds like he is making up words.

Ezra to Jeremiah: Your elbows look soggy.

Oh, Ezra,

Time to get packing...

Next post is coming from Haiti!

Happy Monday!

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Erin Snyder said...

1. Best blog title ever!
2. I completely agree about the Drake comment, Ezra!