photojournal: January in Haiti

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The holidays might have ended but our new year started off with a bang. Blur? February is staring me in the face and I didn't even see it coming. Sneaky, sneaky 2nd month.

Jeremiah and I are back from Haiti. The blizzard of the century hampered our getting back to DC to pick the kids up as originally scheduled, but a few flight cancellations and delays and hours spent people watching at the Atlanta airport...and we are officially reunited as a complete family! 

Jeremiah only cried one time knowing he was missing his beloved snow, ha!

The kids did great at my moms while we were gone and my family did an amazing job keeping up with their school and keeping their hearts happy. It truly takes a village to pull off a trip like we did and in the case of my family, they literally have a small village! 

Our time in Haiti was full, and I've got a few photos highlighting some of my favorite moments...

Our construction team installed almost 30 fans in classrooms at Christian Light School.

Jonathan, our favorite mechanic, never stopped working the entire time he was there, getting HOH cars and other local missionary cars back in working order!

Catching up with old friends.

A sweet time of ministry at the Philippine UN base, encouraging the workers who are stationed in Haiti for long stretches of time without their families. 

Spa day for the local long-term missionaries. Ministering to those who are always ministering.

Of course, always loving on the kiddo's.

 Connie and Keith did a great job teaching a music theory class during the pastors conference.

Pastor Randall teaching one of the mens sessions at the conference.

The amazing women of Bethel Baptist leading the woman's sessions.
Jim and Pastor M sharing a moment.

Jeremiah with his playground crew! 

One of the VBS stations at a new village school we visited, way out on the coast.

A second station for the older students.

Due to this fishing villages proximity to the beach we were treated with fresh fish , squid,
 and fried plantains for lunch that day.

And there's more. Much more. And stories. I have some amazing stories...

But the littles are waking up and I have a Saturday morning pancake feast to prepare.

Stay tuned for more...
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