what happens in February, doesn't stay in February

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I'm home from church this morning with a slightly under the weather Zoe. Just a little cough that a little extra rest and attention will clear up quickly. I always hate to miss church, but I am never sad for a quiet morning.

We had a mommy/daughter afternoon this past week, but apparently she needed more time with just me, ha!

In this quiet, I was reflecting on the past month (March is just about here!) and comparing it to last February and got a little overwhelmed in the best possible way thinking about how the Lord has grown our ministry and family over the last year. It's so humbling to see God working and to realize that He has allowed us to be a part of his work.

Ministry wise, this month has been full of the "behind the scenes" work that is necessary to prep and prepare for the rest of the year. Training teams, buying tickets, planning meetings, building new partnerships, taxes, follow up, and so on and so forth. You know...the tasks that aren't exactly picture worthy. Yet, I know how everything else that happens the rest of the year hinges on these things, and so we find joy in the important yet unromantic work that is filling our days. Besides, Jeremiah is out of the country for a portion of every month starting in April through the Fall...so I'm just enjoying having him around while it lasts!

Moments like this are built in months like this.

Our family is in the thick of the meaty part of school season. The rhythm has been found, co-op is back in session, and the end of the year is a bit off but still looming in sight. I almost hesitate to write this, but I think this might be our best school year ever. Things are really clicking for the boys and I have finally found a good fit with our curriculum for them. Turns out that the third time really is charmed. The Zooble has decided that she wants to join in the fun too. That part makes things tricky, juggling the four of them, but we are figuring it out.

Once upon a time there was just one to teach...

The biggest challenge in my life right now is the elusive quest for balance. Finding the sweet spot of doing all the things that need doing and maintaining enough margin to actually do those things with  joy. I am currently reading through The Best Yes by Terkeurst and am gleaning some good wisdom. It's a good read if you are like me and constantly trying to discern the difference between a good yes and the best yes.

"The decisions we make dictate the schedules we keep. 
The schedules we keep determine the lives we live. 
The lives we live determine how we spend our souls. 
So, this isn't just about finding time. 
This is about honoring God with the time we have."


And so, on this quiet sunshine filled morning with my fast growing four year old, I am turning my heart to find joy and contentment in the February's of my life. 

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