tuesday thoughts: on living vs. blogging, having two homes, Jayla Hope, and Stitch Fix

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I first started this post two weeks ago...as soon as we got back from Haiti. And. then. life. happened.

It's true. Living is taking precedence over blogging these days and I'm good with that. Yet, I still love the recording of life this blog provides me (no relying on the old brain these days...) and so I will make an effort to stay not to terribly far behind.

My four sweet faces.

And a more realistic moment.


We just got back from Haiti, and once again, I find myself caught in the in between.

I'm at home here and I'm at home there.
When I'm here, I'm there and when I'm there, I'm here.
All at the same time.

Confused yet? Yeah, me too.

It's a weird place to live. I realize our life, our family dynamic is different than most. And I'm okay with different. Usually. On most days. It's just the transitions that are a bit sticky. The re-engaging with friends and family who have regular schedules and lives that kept going while we were gone. I am perpetually in a state of catching up, until I'm caught up, only to start the process over again.

And please don't misinterpret these words: there is not an ounce of complaint in them. I love our life and know that we are exactly where the Lord wants us. I've just got to be patient and re-settle and there is no rushing the process.


On a somewhat related note: our very good friends and Haiti family, Jeannot and Mudlin, caretakers at the House of Hope, just welcomed blessing #4 into the world.

Welcome, Jayla Hope!
(Ella picked out the name...how cool is that?!)


And why not end on a first world note. A new first world favorite I've discovered: Stitch Fix.

Have you heard of it?
Me either, until a friend of mine mentioned doing it and I looked into it.

Stitch Fix is an online shopping experience where you get paired up with a personal stylist who picks out clothes and accessories for you, based on a size and style questionnaire you fill out.

I strongly dislike shopping anymore as I hate to give up any precious free time to doing it. So, when I heard that I could be paired up with someone who would shop for me, stick to my budget, have access to my pinterest so they could know my preferences, pay NO shipping costs, and have no monthly commitment...I went for it and had a really great first experience! There is no pressure, as you only pay for an item if you keep it, and it is a fun way to step out of the box without too much risk.

Click here if you want to try it for yourself.


Happy Tuesday!

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