The Summer Swing

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Jeremiah is back from Haiti.
Again, just for a few weeks then he heads back down the end of this month.
Then, we head back to Haiti as a family in August and September.

It's a bit crazy, all this coming and going...but I truly wouldn't have it any other way.

The Spirit of the Lord is really moving among the people in Haiti, specifically, among our very own neighborhood at the House of Hope. We have seen many trusting in the Lord, be baptized, and get involved in a local church!

Jeremiah's most recent trip involved work with a small team from a local church from Amhurst, VA. They were able to help with our favorite kids from Have Faith Haiti Mission, converting and making ready a transition house for the older girls. I think they may have fit in a few games of chubby bunny as well. Priorities, people.

While he was there, the House of Hope hosted two other teams...for a grand total of 45 people for the week. This week has a large team from Global Partners at the HOH...the Summer season is definitely in full swing!

Speaking of Summer swing...the kids and I made up our Summer O' Fun bucket list 2016 this past week. I left it entirely up to them and love the list they came up with:

And, of course, we wasted no time getting right to it...

Sno-cone tongues as proof of completion of this bucket list item.

Happy Summer swinging!

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