May Journal: end of school, beginning of Summer, strawberries, saying no, and surgery

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Again, I can't let the month go by without some blog documentation! Who cares if its just quick blurbs and fuzzy iphone photo's?! Not, I.

(If life happens and it doesn't get blog documented...did it really happen?...)

Monarch Way Academy finished it's 2016-2017 year early in the month! Our best year yet! I now have a rising middle schooler, two 4th graders, and gulp...a kindergartner! Excited (and ready) for a bit of a break and we will resume in July.

Nothing says hello to Summer like a neighborhood lemonade stand! 

Jeremiah played softball this Spring. It was so fun for the kids and I to watch him. I showed up for the first game with the dog in tow and learned that dogs aren't allowed in the bleachers...and had to watch from far away outside the fence, ha! 

My puzzle buddies. 

Before church book and minecraft time. It keeps em clean.

Summer cut's!

Two sisters at the lake.

"Mom, will you just sit with me and we can talk?!" 

I traveled to my Mom's for Mother's day...and baby Silas complied and was born so I could meet him at the same time. Convenient, right?! 

Zoe gave me her Mother's day present by deciding to take a nap on me...a rare, rare occurrence anymore.

Family soccer game at Nana's for Mother's day.

Strawberry picking with friends.

Solo strawberry eating.

Yes, I actually said no to this face. 

14 years with this guy! We got an overnight with no kids and spent our time going through all our photo albums and old letters and journals and reminiscing.

We broke our no broken bones streak with 2 breaks within 12 hours of each sad.

Jeremiah got into a fight with the dogs collar and the collar won. Don't worry, no dogs were harmed in the making of this broken finger.
Surgery to piece it all back together again, because having your main chord making finger for playing guitar at full mobility is kinda important to him. 

And today, it's packing day as we fly out for Haiti early tomorrow. I lost the weekend to doctors appointments and waiting rooms, so it's gonna be a mad dash to the finish.

See ya later May,
hello June!

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