April Journal: Red, New House, Holy Week, and Haiti

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For the first time ever in the seven years I've had a blog, I almost let an entire month pass without a single word written or picture posted...


We got a new 6 months old Irish Setter puppy.
We bought a house and moved. 
We celebrated my favorite week of the year. 
We went to Haiti. 

And, now, in the aftermath...I am finally catching up.

I did manage to take a few pictures throughout it all...

He's kinda spoiled.

Holy Week, tomb and seed planting. 

Traditional Passover Seder meal, in pajamas.

My sweet and beautiful Ella.

The fab four, on Easter.

At the overlook in Haiti with my favorite person.

And, now...I warmly welcome May with it's slightly more normal schedule.

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Erin Snyder said...

Three things:
1. I bet Zoe is in animal Heaven with that sweet puppy!
2. When did she get old enough to loose teeth?
3. Ella is your twin! <3

Miss you guys!