June Journal

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It's the middle of July for this update on June...but, oh well. Life.

Here's the fast and the furious run down on month #6...

Family hike right before Haiti to Roaring Run...it was so chilly that day we all wore hoodies. Eli and Ezra are taking turns on being the resident goofy face for all our pictures. Eli won this round.

Two sweet swinging sisters at our Bedrock Family Retreat

Killing time during one of our unfortunate airline delays getting to Haiti.

And killing some more time at JFK this time.
 For the record, lest you think I'm raising geniuses here...no, my 5 year old wasn't actually reading White Fang.

3rd times the charm! Finally made it!
(Ezra won this one.)

At La FouChet, our favorite Haitian restaurant on the ONE night we weren't cooking for a team =)
(And Ezra wins this one as well)

We had our very own Rainbow Forest friends one week...it was so fun to have all our worlds collided.

It's not a trip to the grocery store till the van breaks down. Again.

  I've seen a lot over the years in Haiti, but there are times when certain people stick with you. This lady I met at clinic one day with Meredith is one of them.

Sandwiched by two of my favorites. We can work hard...and have fun together.
True story: It took 116 tries to get this one usable photo.

I even managed to sneak away one afternoon and do a Senior photo shoot with Makayla...dirty feet and all.

My Tama. How I love this kindred book loving girl. We never get as much time as we'd like with our HFHM kiddo's, but we did manage some sweet times together.
The kids and I are back home in VA now and Jeremiah is back in Haiti. I've got more photos tucked away on the "good" camera...but, they'll have to wait for another day...

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Mya Briggs said...

Looks like you are enjoying it..... Love the Pictures especially the ones with the boys making funny faces😉