thursday thoughts (never on thursday)

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We went up to Virginia this week to just get away. The Meme and the Poppee warmly welcomed us into their house and we got to just enjoy being together doing fun Christmas and family things. It was much needed.

Gingerbread house decorating.
Christmas crafting.
Family movie nights.
Christmas present shopping and wrapping.
A belated but so appreciated Meme and Ella birthday outing.
Jeremiah and I even managed to sneak in a Cracker Barrel breakfast date.

Preparing for the gingerbread house sugar feasting extraordinaire!

Eli found this hat while up there and pretty much wore it the whole time. Cracked me up.


And because Meme is way more fun and less OCD than Mommy, this is what happened next.

Christmas ornament craft by master crafter, Ella McKay.

Ezra decided that Poppee needed a lot of help with his mailings.

So nice.

Today is back to the real world. But I happen to love my real world, so that is not so bad either.

11 days until Christmas, people!

I've got a pot roast in the crock pot at the moment and it smells wonderful. I rarely cook pot roast (maybe once a year?) and I am ready for it to be dinner time already. It's only 2:30 at the I've got a little bit to wait...

I've had 6 (for a short time 7) children in my care today. Gotta love crazy days! So thankful for the warm sunshiney afternoon and a great backyard to play in.

I have been so so so so bad at taking pictures this month. I seriously don't even have a December 2012 folder started yet. What is wrong with me?

While up in Virginia Jeremiah and I took the kids up to the Peaks of Otter and hiked the Sharp Top trail. It is a 3 mile hike that is not an easy one and they did fabulous! I was so proud of them, and it gave me a glimpse of what life will be like as they get older and the fun things we will be able to do as a family. I realize that my baby stage in life is over. As Zoe moves out/grows out of things I am actually giving things away for the first more hanging onto them for "the next one". It is such a strange feeling...sad and happy all at the same time.

This is my weekend to get everything finalized for Christmas. I just have some shopping and wrapping to do, and gathering of ingredients for some baking I want to do with the kids next week.

11 days, people!

Happy Friday!

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