thursday thoughts (on not thursday)

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Well, hello.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Merry Christmas.
Happy December.

I don't know what has been wrong with me, but I am having major writers block this week. I have sat down to write several times and...crickets chirping...nothing. Nada. Zilch. I think it is similar to how my kids feel when they make a colossal mess and I ask them to clean it up. They get so overwhelmed at the task  that they don't do anything.

Until I suggest that I will help. And dole out specific tasks, "Ezra you work on the lego's, Eli you've got the blocks, and Ella, you just keep Zoe away from it all!"

So, if anyone wants to ask any specific questions that I can answer, maybe that will help me get started. Feel free.

Let me just say that visiting orphanages AFTER having gone through an adoption and possessing a knowledge of attachment and bonding and what is healthy and what is not will break your heart.

I have been able to do some simplifying for this month...we tracked out of school for the month, no additional photo shoots that the ones already scheduled, and I didn't do a Christmas card.

Why in the world do I have such issues with a stupid Christmas card?
Is it just me?
I decided that it wasn't worth it this year.
And so I didn't.
Deep breath.

 I did get to be part of the most fun photo shoot ever earlier in the week. Friends of ours adopted domestically and got "the call!" over the weekend and asked if I could be there for their first meeting.

Um, yes please...

Really, photo shoot ever!
I think I'd like to create a niche in the photography world and just do adoption first meetings. Spread the word, ha!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us filled with a wedding for sweet friends, rehearsal dinner, a bridal shower, and our entire church is going Christmas caroling together.

Happy Friday!
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Hannah Harvey said...

This question is SO very random, but you said we could ask. . . did you mention, some months ago, a "typing" program/app that Ella was using? My second grader really wants to be able to type and I need to find something.


TinyFeet said...

There is a group of independent photographers that volunteer to do first meetings and gotcha days for adoptive families. You can find out more about them here:

Allyson said...

I'd love to hear about how it was seeing Aaron again. I know he played a huge role in your decision to adopt.

And for other get started questions I've found most people want to hear:

-What your favorite moment of the entire trip was.
-What the hardest moment was.
-What lessons you learned/how you grew.
-The most challenging cultural difference.
-Funny stories
-What you would do different next time.

I'm so glad yall were able to go! I cannot wait to get back there myself!