Homeschool: November

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Better late than never, eh.

I considered just skipping my recount of November, but I really hated to do that. (My list making personality couldn't live with a gap in the months!) 

So, lets just consider this the nutshell version of our month, ok?

November was a short month of school for us as we took off the last two weeks for Thanksgiving and Haiti, but we did manage to fit in some learning in those first few weeks.

Our science unit for the month was a focus on trees and leaves. The boys can name the parts and basic functions of those parts. We all learned about why leaves change color and Ella can explain the basics of photosynthesis now. We made a "life size" tree that we decorated with leaf prints. Slowly but surely the tree has lost its leaves, in accordance with our pear tree out front, ha! We went on several "discovery" hikes and learned how to identify the differences between coniferous and deciduous trees.

Ella studied the pilgrims and the story of the first Thanksgiving. On our history timeline we read about Captain John Smith, Pocahontas, and Miles Standish. The non-Disney version, of course.

Our composer of the month was Johannes Brahms and we were lulled by his lullabies.

Our author of the month was Laura Wilder and Ella finished her first Little House on the Prairie book, Little House in the Big Woods.

Our artist of the month was Mary Cassatt, and in order to remain honest, my children were less than excited about her work. Sorry Mary...but my kids were much more enthralled with Van Gogh and Jackson Pollock's paintings. No offense. I however, do find your paintings lovely. Especially the ones of momma's with their babies...

Of course, we continued with all our normal math and English curriculum and workbooks...but who really cares about that stuff, ha!

That's a wrap on November!
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Erin Snyder said...

Hey! You can't hate on the math. :) The other stuff does sound a little more fun though. I loved Little House in the Woods books!