thursday thoughts (and iphone photo dump)

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I got the best Mother's Day present ever...sweet individual time with my oldest girl. She's been needing some extra attention (and its been way past time to have the real "talk" with her...yes, that one) so Sunday evening Ella and I went to a local hotel for the night. I might have taught her the fine art of hotel bed jumping and how to act inappropriately in an elevator.

Oh, and they had hot water.  Heaven...

I have purposed in my heart to never ever ever take a hot shower for granted again.

The best part about rainy season in Haiti?

The puddles of course...

Zoe loves to play hide and seek right now.
She comes up with some killer hiding places.
All the kids love to indulge her in this game and will look for entire minutes for her =)

Um, has anyone seen Zoe?!

Remember those new life seeds we planted back during Holy Week? 
We planted them in the ground and they are doing great! 
The lesson lives on...

My feet look like this 90% of the time.
I am accepting donations for a personal pedicure fund =)

Gross. Yes, I know.
We are LOVING having my brother here this week. LOVING! He is such a trooper and is filling in as Uncle of the year, mechanic assistant, dishwasher, soccer instructor, among other things. He graduates with a degree in criminal justice in December with plans to join the police I've felt extra safe having him around, ha!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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