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On this day 11 years ago I was immersed in all things wedding. My wedding. Our rehearsal dinner was tonight and the BIG. DAY. was coming tomorrow. 11 years ago?!

When Zoe has had a bowel movement in her diaper she comes up to me now and says, "Mom, I smell like poop!" I think she has heard her brothers say that one too many times about her...

My brother Ben flew back to the states yesterday. We had a great visit that just zoomed by! Despite all the craziness of the chicken virus at the mission (total of 6 kids got it so far...) we did manage to show him a little bit of this beautiful country with a trip to the mountains and the beach one afternoon. And of course, lunch at the UN base to round things out. We will all miss him.

Normally at this time of year we are winding down school for the year. This year, however, I feel like we are just now hitting our stride and we have plans to keep going until at least the end of June right now. And I'm okay with that. It's been a crazy year homeschool wise and staying flexible is what its all about =)

I have been devouring books lately! Like I am a starving book eater or something. I need some good recommendations to restock up my kindle. Feel free to leave me a comment with the last few good books you've read! Any genre except sci-fi or harlequin romance as long as its good.  Please.

And finally, because it's Thursday and what is better than a throwback?! A few pics of my youngest two who are (I fear) going to pair up and take over the world one day. They are tight, these two, and only growing tighter the older they get...

Happy Thursday everyone!

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Erin Snyder said...

The pop love started young it seems! :)

I am finishing the Divergent series. Are you a big young adolescence fan? How have we not had this conversation? Or, have we and I just can't remember? I wasn't super thrilled with it; I think I went in with my expectations too high. I hear The Selection is amazing! Hunger Games meets The Bachelor. Yea, maybe??

Kristin Hannah is another of my favorite leisurely read authors. Her books make for great beach reading! And, Jodi Picoult if you want a fun read that's slightly more challenging than Kristin Hannah.


K said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! I suggest you get the goodreads can connect with your friends to see what they recommend. It's great!

S, E, or O said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Fred and I were married on May 22. Cute pictures, too! I have no idea about good ebooks because I am totally immersed in trying to figure out homeschool curriculum for next year. Ha! Oh...Samuel has chosen your family to do his AWANA missionary project on. I had him on your blog checking out pictures, and he still remembers Ezra and Eli. :)

Jessica said...

The Fault in Our Stars, Where'd you go Bernadette, The Book Thief, Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katherine's, Fangirl, and Eleanor and Park are all good ones I've read lately!