the week, going backwards

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Today has been busy packing, once again...

Because tomorrow I fly out to Uganda with my Via sister, Kelly, and three of her girls. I'll be staying there till the end of the month, and I'll admit, it's uber weird for me to be preparing for a trip away. Usually it's Jeremiah that goes and I'm with the kids.

It's weird, but kinda nice just to pack for one. I'm just bringing my carry on and one suitcase?! What in the world?! Of course I do have to help Kelly and her girls and deal with all their luggage (the whole reason for my going), but for some reason it feels a lot less stressful.

I'm curious to see the similarities and differences between Uganda and Haiti on this trip.

Jeremiah has planned a fun exploring overnight trip up the Blue Ridge Parkway with the kids while I'm gone. And I'm pretty sure they will eat lots of junkfood and do dangerous things that would make my stomach knot up. Goes with the territory, right?


We've had the pleasure of house/dog-sitting for dear friends of ours here in VA the past few days. It was a wonderful relaxing few days...

Last week Ella and her cousins threw a surprise shower for Kelly. They planned it, picked out everything, decorated, and had a blast surprising her! They really are growing up...

And now, back to the packing.

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