thursday thoughts

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In the midst of all the evidence of Fall, I found this one last lovely rose giving its final tribute to the Summer.

I have had this weird 36 hour bug...low fever, fatigue, sore throat, headache, and even a nice little throw up session for fun. But, I woke up feeling great this morning, so woohoo!

I am so behind on editing my photos. So behind. To the point where I just don't know if I'm even going to do it.

I also think its time to change up the ol' blog header. Since we aren't in Haiti anymore. And the cleanness and bright smiles somewhat irritate me everytime I see that picture.

I also need some inspiration on topics to write about. Anyone have any questions for me? I have about 10 blogs that I've written that I just can't finish these days...

My husband and kids have been busy this week making their dreams of a tree house come true in the woods behind our house. They disappear with their tool boxes and  reemerge hours later with dirty clothes and happy smiles.

The weather has been absolutely perfect this week. I'm talking per.fec.tion!!!!! It could stay like this for a long time and I'd be so happy.

My sister and her hubby leave tomorrow for Ghana to bring home their baby twins, Lucy and Lucas! I'm so excited to meet them! I also love the fact that our family photos now reflect such a diversity of colors. It's a beautiful thing. Although it is getting harder and harder to actually be able to get a photo with everyone in the frame...

Happy Thursday everyone!
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