thursday thoughts

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I really had to think for a second (or 30...) to try and remember what day it was.

We head out today for North Carolina. It will be our first time visiting since we moved back from Haiti and I am sort of curious to see what our reactions will be to returning to what was home for us for 10 years. We have a lot packed into the weekend, but the reason for the trip is to help out and attend the World Reach Benefit Banquet held at Journey Church in Raleigh.

I went shopping last night at the mall. Temps are supposed to get down into the 40's this weekend and our wardrobes are obviously summer it was a necessary evil. I haven't been to the mall in and it made me feel old-ish.

I have lived long enough for styles popular in my younger days to come around again?!
How can this be?

Zoe is officially potty trained for #1.
She took off her diaper a few weeks ago and handed it to me and that was it.
#2 is another story, but who really wants to hear about that.

Drama queen, this one is.
She feels things and expresses those feelings in big ways.
BIG ways.

She also has inadvertently learned her beginning times tables this week by listening along to her siblings lessons. Seriously. She also now ends her sentences with the word poop. Thank you big brothers.

Happy Thursday everyone!
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Erin Snyder said...

Can you please tell your adorable baby girl to stop growing up?!? Seriously, when did she turn into a little girl?? She's obviously still adorable! :)