island of misfit photos: i-phone photo dump

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I may not be finding time for words, but the pictures keep coming..

17 miles into the VA Creeper Trail bike ride will give you faces like this.

Only 6 miles in at this point and everyone is awake and smiling.

The kids are all uber interested in learning how to cook "alone." The boys made an apple pie pictured here that would make you want to slap yo' momma. Seriously.

Apparently you are never too old for homemade play-doh.

A peek into an Intro to Apologetic and Worldview class Jeremiah and I are teaching this semester at our co-op.

A peek into the mind of my sweet Eli, who picked to write about his adoption for his personal story in school recently.

My latest fabric for my re-upholstering the kitchen chairs saga. I think this makes #5 in 13 years of marriage.

This girl would throw rocks into the creek all the live long day.

When in Roanoke, eat like a first time trying the infamous Texas Tavern.

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