Program Interruption:Insanity and/or Robbery

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I had planned to write a nice update on Eli for today. But, instead I will interrupt my previously scheduled program to let you know that I might have truly gone insane. Or we were robbed yesterday.

My computer is gone.


I left the house for a few hours yesterday, with the computer plugged in and left on our green ottoman, where I always leave it. I returned a few hours later to a missing computer.

I look for a little while thinking that maybe I left it in the bedroom? No.
Bathroom? No.
Office? No.
Hmmm. This is weird.
Call Jeremiah..."Did you come home and get the computer?" Um, no.
Even weirder.
Look again.
And again.
Call Jeremiah back..."Are you sure you aren't trying to surprise me by making me a calendar or blog book or ________ for Christmas and just aren't telling me that you came back to get the computer while I was gone?" Um, no.
Could someone have stolen it?
No way. TV is still here. Camera is still here. Ipod is still charging on the counter.
Search the house again.
And the van.
And the outside of the house.
Check doors and windows.
Call Jeremiah back..."Either I've gone insane and threw the computer in the trash can or someone has broken in and stolen it." I'm coming home.
Jeremiah double/triple/quadruple checks the house.
Still no computer.

Not that I am beyond moments of insanity...but I am pretty OCD about putting things back in their place. Especially something as big as a computer. As opposed to my keys, ya know. How does a computer just disappear? Unless it was stolen.

Call the police.
They come and we file a report.
Call and talk with neighbors. Suspicious van sighting mentioned by one.

This is so weird.
And unsettling.
And sad that I had to give the kids the "there are bad guys in the world" talk.
And a lot of work changing all our passwords for all of our billing done from that computer.

And always that nagging thought that maybe I blacked out for a few minutes of my life and threw my computer out in the hayfield.

I also think that whoever robbed our house was insane. We are definitely not the house to target if you want to get make some money. And you are taking a really big chance that we would be home which you couldn't tell from the end of our driveway. Insane robbers.

I am so so so so so thankful we weren't home and that nothing else was taken.

And maybe a little frustrated that we had JUST put about $300 into the computer because the hardrive and cd drive had recently crashed. And loving my husband who had the forethought to back up my pictures and videos within the last I didn't lose the only things (besides my children obviously) that would have been irreplaceable.

Ok. Now, back to our regular scheduled program.

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weird . . . glad they didn't grab your camera on their way out.

Tasha Via said...

That stinks Jenn, SO weird. I am thankful that ya'll weren't home.

One question though,
Did you check inside the blender or the flower vase for the computer? You know how those always confuse you:)

Kelly Via said...

Seriously? You never found it? Wow, that is really really weird. Kinda gives me the heebley geeblies. And the kids didn't hide it? Ooooh, did you check under the TV cabinet? It tends to eat things like library books; maybe it got hungry for a computer?

Wow, nothing else missing? I'm glad that you didn't run into the culprit and that everyone is safe!

NO...we have looked EVERYWHERE! Even in the attic. In every cabinet and drawer. Under every sofa and bed and chair. In every closet and all its recesses. Sigh.

Dana said...

It's not funny.....but I just laughed SO hard when I got to the nagging possibility that you blacked out and threw the computer in a hayfield.
That "possible insanity" seems to be a reoccuring theme in my life.
Sorry about your computer luv. Hope it turns up.

I'm so sorry Jenn. But I am so thankful that you and the kids were not home. Do you have renter's insurance, if not, maybe your landlord does.

Briana said...

hmmmmm now would be the time to ask those guardian angels to please share what they know. weird. very weird. and suspicious. hmmmm i will consult my sherlock holmes books and get back with you. in the mean time, i'd give jeremiah your ipod. ;)

Bobbie Grant said...

That is so weird that nothing else was taken. Yikes!

Stacey said...

Ugh. I hate that! What on earth? And really, they didn't find anything else they liked? Doesn't sound like a very intelligent thief to me!

Glad for your safety though!