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Is really growing up.
We have a wall in our dining room where we are recording our kids heights. 
She grew almost 3 inches in less than 6 months and we are this close to sharing shoes.

Growing up is not without some growing pains. For her and me.
I never thought I'd miss the days of our biggest issue being her not putting her toys away or coloring on the table.
We have delved into the world of friend issues and arguing and hurt feelings and lying and bullying.
I'm on my knees praying for her heart more than ever before.

But oh, the new levels of understanding and fun we are able to have together is amazing. 
I genuinely enjoy our conversations and I find myself letting her stay up with me on nights that Jeremiah is away just because I enjoy her company.

I am feeling the need to record some things about her because time seems to be speeding up faster and faster as she gets older and I don't want to forget some of these small but big details. Waiting until her 7th birthday just seems too far away.

 A box full of string and beads and glitter and scissors and "stuff" and she is set for hours...

She is competitive. Really competitive. I am looking into a good athletic outlet for this facet of her personality.
She makes friends very easily.
She doesn't like to write. Writing out scripture verses pertaining to the issue 25 times is a great corrective consequence at the moment.
She loves to read. She easily surpassed her 100 book goal of the summer.
She loves to sleep and has been known to ask for "just 5 more minutes".
Eats a lot. Isn't picky. Loves cheese and meats and salty snacks over sweet stuff.
Is a strong leader. Learning to let others have input is a constant struggle. 1st child anyone?!
Loves being outside. Even more than her brothers. Climbing trees, catching butterflies or any kind of creature.
Is always creating environments...fairy houses, barns for her play horses, beds for her stuffed animals, etc.
Is very logical. Usually. Unless the emotions take over and kidnap all reasoning.
Her favorite dessert is a popsicle.
Her favorite movie is The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe in the Chronicles of Narnia series.
Is really good at saving her money and makes good decisions about spending it.

Eats up one on one time with Mommy or Daddy...

Before we headed out to a Mommy Date while on vacation a few weeks ago.
Ella McKay,

You are so big now. I love the person you are becoming, and I love to see how God is working in your young life. You are so bold about telling others about Jesus. You are so full of questions. Hard questions that Mommy really has to think about how to answer or look up the answer. I love how you don't always just take my word for things but try to find out for yourself. Daddy and I pray for your heart all the time, that it would be soft towards the Holy Spirit's leading, and that you would allow the Lord to use your fun and unique personality for His glory. Even though we have our moments and you might not always understand why I must frustrate you really is just because I love you and want God's best for you. 

You are my special girl and I love you more than words.


Your Momma
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MeghanKelsey said...

This post made me cry. And I cannot get over the final picture and how gorgeous you both are. Jen, you are such a strong example of a Christian woman and a loving Momma. Love reading your blogs and hearing your heart.

TracyW said...

I love the idea on writing out scripture that is relevant to the behavior do you find which verse to have her write??

Ashley said...

Beautiful tribute to a beautiful little girl. I too will steal your idea of writing scripture verses as discipline, when the time comes. Love your blog.