the ease

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I am easing s.l.o.w.l.y. back into real life after vacation.

Because our vacation was a doozy. A wonderful week of family togetherness,beach bliss, and soaking up the last bit of summer fun doozy.

No, really.

I realize that for anyone who has vacationed with 4 small children (or even 1 small child!) the term vacation is an oxymoron. The word vacation emotes words such as relax, breathe deep, slow down...


I feel as though there should be a new term for the phrase "vacation with small children". A word that emotes such words as little sleep, melt downs, sandy butt cracks...

However, this week, while it did have its fair share of sandy booty's...had more than its fair share of lovely these-are-the-thing-that-make-life-meaningful moments. And I am just not ready to jump back into reality.

So, instead I will look through the 978 photo's that I took. (True story) And dream about next year...

Once I do decide to re-enter the land of real life...prepare yourself for photo overload =)

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