what's in a (school) name? or not.

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I had to choose a name for our homeschool this week in order to "officially" register it with the state.

Jeremiah was full of ideas...

The Hambrick School for Kids Who Want to be Smart
Hambrick Academy of Amazing
School of Hambrick Awesomeness
or my personal favorite, The Hambrick School for Kids with the Last Name Hambrick

The kids suggestions weren't much better...
Real School (Ezra's contribution)
School (Eli's contribution)
I Don't Care Mom, Just Let Me Go Back To Playing Outside (Ella's contribution, communicated loud and clear non-verbally)

While taking their...um, suggestions...into consideration...I've decided to go in a different direction:

Monarch Way Academy

My reasons include:

1) It's our street name =)

2) If anyone knows Ella (and increasingly the boys)...she is a butterfly whisperer. She has always loved them and literally spends hours every week during the summer in pursuit of capturing butterflies.

4 year old Ella with a painted lady that she charmed =)

3) My parenting (and thus, my educational) philosophy is one that includes the fact that sanctification (and acquiring education) is a process...it doesn't happen overnight or immediately. I want to parent and educate my children, taking the long-view of their lives, and keep the end in sight. Especially on those dreadfully depressing days when it feels like some things are never going to change. What better personification of this than the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly!

Of course, we could always combine all ideas:

Hambrick Real School for Butterflies with the Last Name of Hambrick who are Awesome and Amazing and Just Want to Play Outside

That kinda has a nice ring to it to, no?

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One of my favorite blog posts I've read in a while: personal, poignant, thoughtful, funny, and instructive. Good job.