Jeremiah in Haiti: back one week

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Jeremiah has been back at work in Haiti at Have Faith Haiti Mission for over a week now. He has moved onto the actual mission campus (we stayed in a house about 20 yards down the street) and has resettled back into Haitian life well.

We are thankful for technology and are able to skype pretty much every day, around breakfast and bedtime. The kids and I also love getting to see our Haiti family thru the computer screen every day! Ella especially misses her friends and seeing them in this way helps.

The mission has added 5 new children over the summer. Jeremiah tells me they are doing great and he has enjoyed getting to know them. One little guy, Knox, has especially captured the hearts of everyone at the mission. He is the first special needs child our mission has taken in as he has a neurological disorder, but he is thriving under all the special attention the other kids and staff are lavishing on him.

Of course, Jeremiah stays busy with the maintenance of the mission. Already since being back he has gotten the mission van back up and running (it had broken down for the 147th time this year!), fixed several broken fans, and installed two new air conditioner units on the campus. He is able to be present at nighttime devotions and tucks the kids in as usual. It is a completely different dynamic with him being there solo, and I think he is enjoying the freedom to completely pour into the kids without the divided attentions of us being there for this season.

Thank you to all who have continued to support us through this transition and pray for us. And because some of you have asked, you can continue to give as usual through this site if you feel so led.  We love you and are so thankful for how you have walked with us through this past year in Haiti and are continuing to walk with us.
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