Eli Cade: 4 years a Hambrick

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I have quite a backlog of things to write about. This blog is my scrapbook of sorts and I love looking back and remembering things I would not remember if left to my own memory devices.

First off, this summer marked 4 years that Eli has been a part of our family.

CraZy, huh!

My, how things have changed for that quiet, non-talking, scared of everything, timid little boy with a will of steel and eyes that could give the killer "look."

He is now still on the quieter side with a will of steel and the same ability to give the "look", but we now have discovered his silliness, his gift of knowing when to be gentle with a person or animal and when its okay to go wild, his love of dancing and music, his goofiness, his love of costumes and dressing up and acting and making people laugh, and his sweet sweet disposition.

He was an absolute rock star in Haiti. Everyone loved him. Of all of us, he had the easiest transition to life in Haiti. He was flexible, loved all the foods, made friends easily at the mission, never got sick or seemed bothered by the heat, and did I mention that he made friends easily?!

I think a lot of his ease with the kids at the mission was due to 1) his easy going nature and 2) his comfort level with "institutionalized" life because of his first 3 years spent in an orphanage. We tried to be very sensitive to this and make sure we reassured all the time that he was a part of our family. I still don't know if the impact of this past year was confusing or reassuring to him?

I do know that this past year revealed a lot of work we have ahead of us academically. This boy is so so so so smart and the hardest worker of all my children, yet, he struggles with school. A lot. Since being back in the states we have started the process of having him evaluated for learning disabilities and to consider all our options to make sure we are giving him all the resources that he needs. I am not fearful or anxious for his future at all, because I know how hard he works and I know how motivated Jeremiah and I are for helping him. I am very excited for this upcoming year and the time I will now have to devote to helping him get where he needs to be.

This past year brought so many new experiences for Eli and he did amazing with every opportunity! He has gotten really good at soccer and branched out a lot physically this year, losing a lot of the fear in his physical abilities we saw in those first 3 years.

His relationship with Ezra is one of a true brother. They fight, they wrestle, they infuriate, but oh my goodness, they love and have so much fun together! For other families with two boys close in age, this stage of them together has been amazing.

Eli Cade,

You rock! I am so proud to be your Momma and I really really like you.. All of us do. Our Hambrick family would not be complete without your silliness, your dancing, your gentleness, your crazy non-sensical jokes, and those costume get ups you are always coming up with. You are so quick to forgive when I mess up and lose my cool. You are so sweet with those that need sweetness. I will never ever be able to express what a gift you are to me and to everyone who is around you. You will always be my hero for your bravery and courage to face all that you have. I love you.

Happy four years a Hambrick!


Your Momma
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