climate control

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It's been a while.
Things have been busy.
A whirlwind, really.

We were in North Carolina, bought a van, visited with friends and family, trekked up to Virginia, got settled in our new temporary home, visited with friends and family, and this morning I sent Jeremiah back off to Haiti.

I think we are all in a bit of shock still.
American life and culture is just a tiny bit different than our life in Haiti.
Tiny bit.

I can say that everyone is doing good and thankfully everyone is healthy again. It's a bit ironic that other than the dreaded chickungunya our family had the healthiest year ever while living in Haiti. Not a single cold/ear infection/strep throat all year. However, by day 2 of our return to America 4 out of the 6 of us already had some kind of bug.

If you see my children walking around with their arms tucked inside their shirts...well, its because they just can't deal with 72 degree climate controlled environments anymore. We have yet to set our AC unit on less than 78 degrees.

We got to celebrate Zoe's 3rd birthday this week before Jeremiah left. Although, if you ask her how old she is she will tell you that she is 5 years old. Every single time.

Our crazy bunch.
So, yes...we are here. 
We are good. 
A tad bit cold and shell shocked, but good. 

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