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My Zoe Elizabeth is three now.

She loves animals.
More than princesses, dolls, barbies, or any other toy.
There is always a stray plastic donkey or stuffed doggie hidden in her hands or pockets.

She loves wrestling or rough-housing.
There is no thing as being "too rough" with her, as her Ezra is sure to push the limits on this.

She loves to cuddle or snuggle and asks repeatedly for me to rub her back.

She hates to sleep alone. I find her in one of her siblings beds most mornings, where she has snuck in sometime during the night hours.

She refuses to go potty on the potty. Which I'm totally okay with as I know from a now semi-experienced perspective that she will do it when she is ready.

She is a bit of a hypochondriac, as some body part is always hurting her =)

She loves pancakes, chicken nuggets, raspberries, and popsicles. And would dip everything in "chep-up" if allowed.

She has to warm up to you and be the one to initiate interaction...or else.

And, as far as her transition from Haiti, she asks to go "home" a lot, but when you press her for where home is she can't tell you. (I know the feeling.) I think the hardest thing for her is missing her Daddy right now. She asks for him all day long. I am sure she will really settle once Jeremiah is back home and we get some sort of "normalcy" again. Whatever that is?

Zoe Elizabeth,

Oh my goodness girl, you keep me on my toes. In the very best way. You are so spunky and spirited and full of life. I can just imagine the strong woman you are going to grow up to become. I pray everyday for your strong will to be guided by the Lord and I know He will use you. You bring so much joy to my life and I love being your Mom. Happy three years of life!


Your Momma
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