photojournal: first field trip (Mill Mountain)

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Monarch Way Academy has added to our staff by the hiring of a new activities director, aka: Daddy. 

Sidenote: Does this mean I can now claim that I get to sleep with the activities director?!

He is in charge of planning all major field trips for the year. 

Since we are in a "new" city we started off by a visit to the most prominent landmarks of Roanoke, the Mill Mountain Star and Discovery center...

As an added bonus, they have a great natural playground which all the kids loved.

We managed to find a new friend while climbing on the rocks. He was kinda cute, for a snake.

Quite the photogenic bunch...or not.

And this one pretty much sums up my crew, ha!

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Zoe in those glasses....oh my word there is just too much cuteness in that one photograph! It also sums her up pretty well :)

The ones with all the kids made me laugh too!

Miss you guys!!