back again, weirdness, and what I cling to

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We are back. This time for 4 whole days...woohoo!

Despite a rather rainy and chilly week, we still managed to have a lot of fun with my family at the beach last week...

Football with my brothers was the game of choice for the week.

I love these guys. 
A side benefit of living away from family is truly appreciating the times when we are together.

I'll have more pictures, one of these days when things slow down. 

That day is coming, right?!

I think then I'll finally feel like we are really back in America, not just on a fun furlough visit.


This life we are living right now is just...weird. I don't mean that in a complaining way, more in a I'm just stating a fact way. Our life is weird right now. Haiti feels like a dream. This life feels like a vacation. Nothing feels normal because nothing is normal.

So much is still unknown. Still temporary.

I have to choose each and every day (and sometimes multiple times a day) to cling to what I do know...

His faithfulness,
His sovereignty,
His provision,
and His presence,

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