swiftly fly the years: Ezra James turns seven

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Yes, he has made it to seven!

We have managed to keep him alive one more year.

A year in a third world country, no less =)

As much as I make jest of his quirkiness...I love this kid to death. To stinkin' freakin' death!

He is funny, smart, strong, sensitive, and all those "things" that make him more maintenance to parent are things that I know will make him an amazing adult. (Or a sociopath...but we have high hopes.)

I've been doing some reading on the changes that happen in a 7 year olds brain and it is fascinating stuff people, fascinating. What is even more amazing to me is that I can see these changes happening in Ezra right before my eyes...his ability to process and engage in complex logical thinking and planning.

TRANSLATION = He has gotten really good at arguing.

He is also asking questions now that really require me to think...like really think.
Like "hmmm...I've never thought of that before so lets go do some research on that" kinda questions. Or "lets check with your Daddy on that one" kinda questions.
Or "just go watch some cartoons and pick your nose" kinda questions.

Of all our kiddo's he was the one most excited to return to America and he has embraced life back as an American with open arms. He just wants to do it all, all the time, with all his people.

Oh, Ezra...you exhaust me, try me, make me laugh, shock me, and wow me. Sometimes all within a few minutes. But more than anything...I love you. I love being your Momma. And I really like you too.

Happy Birthday Ezra James!

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