traveling fools

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We finished up a wonderful family filled week with our Via family and today we head off to spend some time reconnecting with my family. Then we are "home" for a few days then head to NC to help out with a missions banquet. After that I am back in VA for 2 weeks then I head to Uganda for a few weeks to help out some missionary friends.


I feel as though this entire last year has been one big pack and unpack, re-pack and unpack.

Rinse and repeat.

I've become the master packer and know exactly just what to bring/leave out depending on where we will be and the number of days and access to laundry facilities. My kids are great travelers, sleep well wherever we land, and take it all in stride.

I was the one who always struggled with traveling, with being out of routine...but this year has changed me. I am much much more flexible and even enjoy the nomadic life we've done. I will always be a "home-maker" and find such deep fulfillment in making my home my own, but my home is now wherever my family is.

Wherever that may be.

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Tonya said...

As I feel unsettled where I am...this is the perfect post this morning.

And I adore that picture. Seriously. Perfection.