thursday thoughts (He's home!)

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We head out this afternoon for our annual Via family vacation.

Perfect timing too, because guess who gets to come with us...

Yep, he's home! 

He's home! 

And one more time to express how happy we are...HE'S HOME!

A week together away with minimal cell and internet service after our month separation is just what is needed. God's timing is always perfect.

I'm a month ahead of him in processing through all these Haiti and repatriating into America emotions, so I'll either be able to help him through them or just want to rush him though them =)

Either way, we now get to do it together. And my heart is happy.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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Anonymous said...

So happy you are all back together! Praying as you continue to adjust and as your future plans unfold. Hope you have a wonderful week together. Please send my love to Rick and family.
Marsha Barker