Not Me Monday: Christmas Edition

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I did not do such a terrible job wrapping a few Christmas presents this year that I actually told the person I was giving them to that "the kids helped, hahaha!" in order to explain the sloppy wrapping.

I did not used to spend great lengths of time in the holiday paper aisle coordinating my bows and paper. Great lengths of time. Embarrassing lengths of time. (In that long ago world of life before kids.)

I do not fight the urge to undecorate, de-clutter, and rearrange my entire house the day after Christmas.

And I do not ban Christmas music from here on henceforth until the next Christmas season the day after Christmas.

I did not eat up all the leftover homemade cookies and treats in the house on a holiday binge last night because I knew that my normal healthy eating habits start back in effect today.

Jeremiah and I did not do a terrible job of not buying each other any presents this year.


I never lie, waste time on unimportant things, act scrooge-ish, lose my self-control, and never ever ever deviate from the agreed upon budget.

Not me!

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Bobbie Grant said...

I DID ban Christmas music (Corey was listening to it on Saturday!!). I DID take down some decorations (and really want them all down, but I am alone in that). I DID eat everything in the house because I will start healthy habits again. Basically I DID everything that you DIDN'T do :)

Bobbie Grant said...

Oh, but I absolutely did NOT get a lesson from my husband on wrapping presents because I am such a horrible wrapper. Now, I'm a great rapper. You should hear me drop the sick beats.

mommajeane said...

It sounds like you are definitely related to your momma. I did all that and more . Love you.