tis' the season (for a time warp)

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I'm up at my moms for a few days with just the kids this week doing some Christmasy stuff with her and the kids. I have mentioned that I love being only a few hours away from them, right?!

This time last December my mom actually came to visit us in Haiti...

Good memories.

Wow. It is hard to think that was only a year ago...and yet it seems like yesterday. 

Time is a crazy thing.

Speaking of time, I spoke at a Ladies Christmas Tea at the church I attended as a teenager this past weekend. What a crazy time warp! I saw friends there that I hadn't seen in over a decade. And then our family attended the church on Sunday and saw even more friends that we hadn't seen in forever. So fun. 

I was even able to show Ella the spot where her Daddy and I had our first kiss...ahem. 

I mean, of course I didn't show her that.

I showed her the spot where we had our first talk. 

That sounds better.

Crazy time. Wasn't that just yesterday?!

We were driving in the car recently listening to Christmas music and the song Baby I'ts Cold Outside comes on. About a minute into the song Ezra pipes up and says to me, "If they don't know if its cold outside they should just go outside!"

Me: "Huh?"

Ezra: "They should just go outside and see if its cold!"

Me: "Ezra, I don't know what you are talking about."

Ezra: "You know, the song, Maybe It's Cold Outside!"

There's that crazy time warp again...what happened to this 4 year old?!
I can't remember enjoying a Christmas season like I am this year! I am not stressed one bit but rather am having so much fun soaking in all the decorating, music, special events, sending cards, baking, and lights! Even the shopping has been fun for me...something that is not the norm. We have a very small budget this year, obviously, but I love how that has forced me to be very creative and homemade in my giving. Thank goodness for pinterest, ha!

And now a walk down memory lane of Christmas card photo's of the past...

Speaking of Christmas cards, because of our transient last few months, most people have lost track of our address. If you'd like to send us one (which we'd love!) email me at jennifer @ jenniferhambrick.com (no spaces) and I'll send our address to you.

Merry 15 days before Christmas everyone!

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Bobbie Grant said...

So cute. Time goes by so fast!